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4-20 Weed Vape Deals

Here’s a roundup of the best 4-20-2018 deals (updated 4-18-2018)

1. Mighty $296 + FREE WPA, FREE glass mouthpiece, FREE stand, and FREEcapsule magazine (code MIGHTY420)
2. Fury 2 $139 + FREE Mini Bubbler! (code FURY420)
3. 20% OFF ALL GRINDERS! (code 420GRIND)
4. Davinci IQ 15% OFF + FREE WPA, FREE hydrotube (code IQ420)
5. Arizer ArGo – $219 regular price $269.99 (code ARGO420)

Grinder Deals

Santa Cruz Shredder $64 (20% OFF coupon code 420GRIND)
Type of Grind: medium

Space Case Medium $59 (20% OFF coupon code 420GRIND)
Type of Grind: medium

Mendo Mulcher 2″ $40 (20% OFF coupon code 420GRIND)
Type of Grind: medium

Super Weapon II $28 (coupon code: 42018)
Type of Grind: medium-coarse

Arizer Deals

The Arizer Air 2, Solo 2, ArGo

Arizer Solo ll – $199 regular price $239 (code SOLOII420)
Arizer Air II – $189 regular price $239.99 (code AIRII420)
Arizer Air – $135 regular price $164.98 (code AIR420)
Arizer ArGo – $219 regular price $269.99 (code ARGO420)
Arizer Extreme Q – $159 regular price $169.99 (code EQ420)
20% OFF Arizer Accessories  (code ARIZER420)

Storz & Bickel Deals

Volcano Classic $407.15 + FREE 4 pack of bags
(code CLASSIC 420)
Volcano Digital $509.15 + FREE 4 pack of bags
(code DIGITAL 420)
Plenty $211.65 + FREE spacer
(code PLENTY 420)
Crafty $237.15 + FREE WPA, FREE glass mouthpiece, FREE capsule magazine
(code CRAFTY420)
Mighty $296 + FREE WPA, FREE glass mouthpiece, FREE stand, and FREE capsule magazine
(code MIGHTY420)
Storz & Bickel Accessories 20% OFF (code SB420)

Flowermate Deals

v5.0s $75 (code FM5s)
v5.0s mini $79 (code MINI)
V5x $89 (code MXX)
v5 Pro $99 (code PRO)
Flowermate Accessories 20% OFF (code FM420)

Sticky Bricks 420 Deal

20% OFF ALL Sticky Brick Vapes

X-MAX 4-20 Deals

V2 Pro $55 (code: XMAX420)
Starry $96.39 (code: STARRY420)
FOG $127.2 (code: FOG420)

Linx Vaporizers Deal

Linx Gaia $127.992 (code GAIA420)

Accessories Deals

20% OFF custom Davinci accessories (code DAVINCI420)
20% OFF Arizer Accessories  (code ARIZER420)


2017 Deals

Here’s a roundup of all the weed vape related black friday sales.

The BEST deals this year:
1. Mighty $296 w/free WPA, free glass mouthpiece, free stand (code SBMEXTRA). This is the BEST vape there is and it’s never been more affordable.
2. Solo II for $204 with 6 free mouthpieces (code SOLO2MP). $40 in savings and $80 worth of freebies for the NICEST vape available.
3. JUST ADDED! 15% Newvape Flowerpot – with code blackfriday. This is the ultimate enail + desktop flower vape. Perfect for dabbing and dry herb use. This device is in a whole different league.
4. JUST ADDED! Flowermate SWIFT Pro for $39Code: SWIFTGREEN. Insane deal on this pure convection device. Only 2 bowls per charge, but for 40 bucks who cares.

The best Budget Vape Deals
If you’re looking for a budget vape, I highly recommend the Fury 2 for $130 after coupon (FC20). It comes with a free water pipe adapter as well.

The Fog and Starry deals are both great cheap vapes as well! (below in the Puffitup section). Both are made by Xmax/Xvape. The Fog is convection with a bit of conduction, and the Starry is pure conduction.

If you’re looking for the ultimate budget vape and don’t mind a butane torch, pick up the Vapcap M this friday for $40.
You’ll be able to get Dynavap Vapcaps at Puffitup, PlanetoftheVapes, and Dynavap Store on Friday 11/24 for 20% off!!

7th Floor Vapes
– 25% everything (some exclusions apply)

Healthy Rips
$20 off Fury 2 (starts Nov 24)(or use code FC20 NOW)

Puffitup Vape Deals

JUST ADDED: Dynavap Vapcap Deals!!
20% off all vapcap products with coupon code DYNA – damn that’s a deal.

Boundless Vapes Black Friday deals at Puffitup
35% off  CF and CFX Vapes + FREE WPA
Use code CF81 or CFX108 and get the CF for 71 or the CFX for 108

50% off Boundless CFV ($75!)
Use code CFVHALF to get a CFV for $75!

Mighty & Volcano
Pick up a Mighty for $296 (15% off with code SBMEXTRA and get EVERY accessory with it – (glass Water pipe adapter, glass mouthpiece, and stand)
Or go big with the Volcano at 15% off use code SBVEXTRA
Crafty is also on sale, 15% with free glass mouthpiece, free water pipe adapter, free case. Use code SBCEXTRA. SBPEXTRA will knock 15% off the Plenty.

Sticky Brick Vapes
20% off all the Bricks, use code SBL

Arizer Air/Solo 2
6 free mouthpieces with each!
Two black stems (one short, one long – AWESOME!), both 14 and 18 glass water pipe adapters, the bubbler and the high airflow stem. $80+ in value!!
Use code SOLO2MP for the Solo 2
Use code AIR2MP for Air 2

Xmax vapes
Starry for $89 –  use code STARRY
Fog for $120  – use code GREENFOG for 25% off. The Fog is a convection/conduction hybrid with a promising size and form factor.
You can also get the Xmax V2 Pro for $59 with a grinder and any 1 of the 3 glass mouthpiece options

Flowermate vape deals
V5.0s – the tried and true champ for $75 with code FM5S
V5.0s Mini – $79 with code MINI
V5 PRO – $99 with code PRO
V5 PRO Mini – $95 with code MP
V5X – $89 with code MXX
V5X Mini – $89 with code MMX
Swift Pro – $39 with code SWIFTGREEN

Pax 2/3

Pax 2 – use code P2EXTRA to get a free WPA and Pax loading kups
Pax 3 – use code P3EXTRA to get a free WPA, Pax loading kups, and a VaprCase

Davinci IQ
Use code IQEXTRA to get 15% the IQ PLUS a free grinder, free case, and free bubbler

Linx Gaia
20% of the Gaia with code GAIA.

Air XS
20% off the Air XS with code XS

Puffitup Black Friday Arizer Air II Giveaway