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Dr Dabber Switch – Induction Dabrig EARLY REVIEW & Demonstration

The Dr. Dabber switch brings innovative changes to the cannabis vape game – INDUCTION HEATING! The Switch is a battery powered portable vape system capable of dry herb vaporization and dabbing. It functions very well and is extremely effective as a portable dabrig. The FuckCombustion community voted me their #1 choice to receive a preview […] > Continue Reading!

The Xvape Fog is a great little vape that offers a lot of features without a huge price tag. The Fog features a Stainless Steel oven that holds as much as .2g of ground cannabis or as little as .05. It utilizes convection and conduction to vaporize your weed. There’s plenty of convection, which makes […] > Continue Reading!

In Episode 3 of Getting High With Vapes, I use the NewVape Flowerpot to get higher than giraffe balls. This video was deleted from youtube when they banned all of the weedtubers. This video was an impromptu session after a long grueling series of tests. I use the NewVape Flowerpot Showerhead. It’s an enail that […] > Continue Reading!

Haze Square Preview & Update

The Haze Square was announced a few years ago and it’s FINALLY HERE. The Square features four bowls and a FULL CONVECTION heater. It’s fully on-demand, which means you’re always 10 seconds away from a quick lift. I received my pre-production unit a long long time ago and was able to watch the Haze Square […] > Continue Reading!

The Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2 are great updates to the classic lineup. In this video I review both and compare these two very popular dry herb vapes. Both vapes are a unique blend of conduction and convection. What I really like about the Arizer Air and Solo 2 is the simple maintenance. The […] > Continue Reading!

The Stiiizy is a pod-based dab-pen / cannabis oil vape available throughout California. The pods are prefilled with distillate and come in a variety of strain specific flavors and blends. The pods run 30-50 bucks and are available in .5 and 1g size options. Stiiizy sent me a device and a few pods. I have […] > Continue Reading!

Tubo Evic Review

The Tubo Evic is a truly unique vape from Ralph over at Lamart.ch. The Tubo Evic is a full convection dry herb vaporizer that can be used as an on-demand vape as well as a session vape. The Tubo Evic uses the Joyetech Evic battery and a custom built convection heater to serve potent and […] > Continue Reading!

Fury 2 vs FOG vs Starry: Budget Weed Vape Comparison

If you’re looking for the best mmj vape for less than $150 you’ve come to the right place. In this video I compared the 3 best budget weed vapes. What’s The Best Weed Vape For Less Than $150? The Starry can be found for $99, The Fury 2 for $149 The Fog for $159 If […] > Continue Reading!

How to Store Weed

This is a re-up video about weed storage. It was originally uploaded to youtube, but then deleted when they deleted all cannabis content. I know there are a lot of fancy weed storage products out there. Humidors are great, all the 420 specialized Jyarz and Cannistars and whatnot are cool – but all you REALLY […] > Continue Reading!

My favorite budget weed vape – Fury 2 by Healthy Rips

This little vape really surprised me. I was expecting Chinese junk, but right out of the box I was blown away by its quality and performance. The only potential complaints about the Fury 2 are the lack of removable battery and the kinda cheap/funky mouthpiece (not terrible, just meh). The major wins of the Fury […] > Continue Reading!