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Boundless CF / CFX Water Pipe Adapter


Easily connect the Boundless CF and CFX to a 14mm or 18mm male or female water pipe.
$15 at Puffitup

The mail-man brought gifts today! A package from Boundless Vapes containing their new WPA (Water Pipe Adapter) for their popular CF and CFX vaporizers.

I immediately cancelled the rest of the day’s plans, cleaned up the bong, and got to work!

The WPA is made of metal and it’s heavy and shiny. Pardon the technical terms. 😛
I’m not sure if its stainless steel – no documentation was included. I’ll contact them and find out.

It will fit 14mm and 18mm of both male AND female glass joints. The stepped portion unscrews and is reversible, it’s pretty sweet.

The bottom screen is more breathable than the CF and CFX cooling unit’s screen. It’s also removable and easy to clean, or replace.

It locks directly into the CF and CFX the same way the “cooling unit” does. I like this a lot better than tubing and rubber stopper methods. Actually I REALLY like how this WPA feels on the device. It makes it feel more significant and rigid. It locks on to the unit with a 1/4 turn, just like the cooling unit.

I gave it a few test runs in my trusty D020-D and it hit me like a tank. It fit perfectly and produced a kickass experience.

At 365 through my D020-d I got 5 minutes of OK clouds. The taste was phenomenal the whole session. To be honest, it tastes like a pure convection vape for the majority of the session.

To test the temperature, I cranked out another session at 415. The CFX at 415 through my little bong was producing such milky hits that I couldn’t even take my normal bong rip. I ended up doing rapid fire pulls, milk the bong, clear the bong, exhale, rinse repeat. It was amazing. It tasted fantastic and produced a terrific lift.

To be honest, the WPA makes the CFX kick some serious ass. The pull resistance is lower, or at least it feels that way with the water.

The Boundless WPA is available at Puffitup for $15 and in the Boundless shop for $19 HERE.